What clients say

«In terms of the changes that need to be dealt with, our communication department was not handling our complex demands. Together with Ms. Wanke we developed a concept enabling us to deal with everything. She not only advised us well, but also led us through the organisation process impressively, thereby speeding up the transition.»
Director of a civil service department

«I have only now realised how important my dealings with other people are for my professional development. I find the valuable and specific knowledge in the field of communication that was imparted is still useful in critical situations.»
Key Account Manager in a service company

«With her significant ability to empathise, Ms. Wanke knows how to tease out the correct way of looking at a problem, and how to use the point where most leverage can be found. She asks the right questions and proceeds in a carefully considered, speedy and transparent way. Her advice and coaching does not lead to dependency, but rather encourages active, independent actions.»
Management Chairman of a civil service department

«Through your leadership and presentation, you lead a study group to their highest potential, which allowed us to lay foundations for future decisions and further discussions.»
President of the Board of a healthcare organisation.

«Six months ago, I was faced with an enormously complex challenge in my field. Thanks to Christina Wanke’s advice, it became clear to me that areas of tension, as long as one identifies them, can be used constructively. We identified the fundamental breaking points and developed appropriate actions, and I was able to come through it all rapidly and successfully.»
Director of a company in a division of the insurance industry

«Many thanks for the questions which you put to me. Particularly for those which I had not put to myself.»
Manager of a healthcare organisation

«Ms. Wanke was my valuable sparring partner in formulating sensitive professional and personal questions. She also understands how to address sensitive subjects openly, and offers solution-oriented thinking.»
Divisional Manager of a service company

«I was facing a difficult professional change. Thanks to a coaching discussion with Ms. Wanke, I was able to develop some clarity, recognise the fundamental success factors quickly and early, and set out the correct priorities for my area of responsibility. In this way I found the necessary ability to assert myself, and significantly improved my strengths at the same time.»
Director of a service company


Client List

Bank Julius Bär AG
Bally Management AG
Bernmobil, Öffentliche Verkehrsbetriebe Bern
Buss AG, Pratteln
Die Schweizerische Post
Die Mobiliar
EBS Elektrizitätswerk des Bezirks Schwyz AG
Einwohnergemeinde Zug
Helsana Versicherungen AG
Stadt Zürich
Kanton Zug
Kantonsspital Schwyz
Klinik Adelheid AG
Mobility Genossenschaft
Orange Communications SA/AG
Partners Group Switzerland
p-4 Generalunternehmer
Poeyry Energy Business Group
Psychiatrische Klinik Zugersee
Roche Diagnostics AG
Real, Luzern
Scout24 AG
Sulzer AG
Swisscom AG
Swissgrid AG
Steeltec AG
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