Leadership has as its corner stone, the ability to communicate.

Especially in phases of instability or ambiguity communication becomes even more powerful. It is the way a leader communicates that creates a sense of purpose, a sense of confidence and trust to master complex situations – including digital. It is the leader’s capacitiy to facilitate sustainable personal and organisational development that will encourage people to deal with challenges more effectively and positively.

We help you identify and learn how to proactively address crucial questions and issues that, if not addressed, could impede progress. Together we develop strategic communication plans that identify opportunities, target groups and issues well in advance, so communication becomes a systematic and sustainable way of generating action and momentum.

Shaping the organisation by becoming a facilitative leader

Leaders must live with immediate paradoxes and complexities of organisational life, where they need to act with intention with no certainty of outcome. Thus they are in charge but not in control. In such a context, facilitation has become an increasingly important competency. By means of facilitating you create conditions which foster initiative and renewal, increase the rate of flow of active information, ignite creativity and encourage connectivity.

As a confident and effective facilitator you assist others to maximize their contribution by creating a supportive and outcome-oriented environment. We will enable you to become a skilled facilitative leader to orchestrate the conversational life of your organisation towards a desired outcome.

Leadership Communication is about building relationships and commitment

Leadership Communication is not about sending messages. It is about creating understanding; it is about building relationships and commitment through words and actions. We support executives and business managers in communicating powerfully, not by changing the way they act, but by building on who they are. We guide you to develop clear and simple messages that move people into action toward shared goals.