Christina Wanke, 12 October 2015

It seems to be ever-present: the need for recognition. Respective complaints are expressed frequently: ‚I do not receive enough recognition for what I deliver, for what I contribute, for how much energy I put in this project...’. Sometimes I find myself wonder: Don’t you have to give in order to receive? If everybody asks for more recognition, consequently there must be someone around who is willing to act accordingly and cherish others and their accomplishments!

Christina Wanke, 20. August 2015

Recently buzz words such as ‘work life balance’ or ‘work life blended’ have caused many of us to search for that perfect state of harmony between life and work. Be honest: do you really believe that one day you will happily exclaim ‘heureka’? Or to put it this way: don’t you live while working? Instead you might just live actively and find a way to define work in such a way that makes your life worth living.



Christina Wanke, 15. Juli 2015

It is simply a fact: uncertainty is a pervasive ingredient of our life. It may be personal, such as issues around health or romance; or from a work related point of view it might be the eruption of unforeseen conflict within one’s company, or between competing organisations. The good news is: uncertainty is not necessarily “a bad thing”. In fact in can spark excitment and creativity!