Coaching meets Leadership - by Christina Wanke, 30.4.2019

Many entrepreneurs and leaders realize that empowering their team is the major key to manage their own workload and handle the constant pressures. Yet they do not like to delegate. It might be that they find it difficult to let go of responsibilities. Here is an effective way to set the scope in the first place and thus ensure a mutual understanding of boundaries and accountability. 

Christina Wanke, 25th February 2016

Considering all the uncertainties and ambiguities that surround leaders every day, I believe that Steven Covey’s concept of the ‘circle of influence’ has become more vital than ever. We have a limited amount of energy to use at any time. The key is what we use it for and what we focus on.

Christina Wanke, 12 October 2015

It seems to be ever-present: the need for recognition. Respective complaints are expressed frequently: ‚I do not receive enough recognition for what I deliver, for what I contribute, for how much energy I put in this project...’. Sometimes I find myself wonder: Don’t you have to give in order to receive? If everybody asks for more recognition, consequently there must be someone around who is willing to act accordingly and cherish others and their accomplishments!