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INNOACTION FOCUSES ON INNOVATION THROUGH INTERACTION        innoaction strives to create a space where innovative thinking and behaviour can become a part of the entire organisation's DNA. As an executive coach, facilitator and consultant, Christina Wanke assists you to create a work environment that inspires the exhilaration of extraordinary performance. Our focus is on entrepreneurial growth and personal development. Concrete results and your personal success are the cornerstones of our work.

Innoaction: Innovation Through Interaction

As a business leader, you are permanently required to be on the ball. Renewal is a constant and you must do so while keeping up with a fast-paced environment. Traditional leadership communication practices have their shortcomings, since they rely on one-way communication and top-down delegation, which are no longer effective when it comes to team building. In the age of agile and digital, there is a strong need for fresh approaches to communication and leadership practices that suit the dynamic and complex nature of our business environment.

Rethinking Team Building and Executive Coaching

How you choose to communicate and interact with others plays a key role in your success as a leader. More than ever before, now is the time to rethink your communication and interaction approach. Only those who know how to develop their potential in these areas and how to create smart exchanges with employees and stakeholders will be successful in their projects and will able to lead their teams towards their goals. Working with diversity, anticipating future developments and bringing about innovation requires the type of leadership skills where communication and interaction are at the heart of every exchange.

It is therefore obvious that our strategy needs to change. The question is: how exactly can we do that? And what does this all mean when it comes to the behaviours and strengths required in day-to-day management?

Business Coaching Through Innoaction

Christina Wanke is committed to innoaction and has the methodological competence to support you through the process of becoming ready for the future of leadership. Executive Coaching helps you develop your personality so you can keep focused even in unfavourable and chaotic environments, and so that you know how to act effectively and consciously make the most of your own resources.

Leadership Communication will help you fine-tune your leadership communication skills. During Change Management Consultancy training, you will learn how to design processes interactively rather than in a linear way in order to promote active participation. You will learn how integrated conflict management can proactively address the inevitable moments of stress and conflict that take place in the business world. Innoaction workshops will demonstrate how to focus on results when dealing with teams and management units, and during team building training, Christina Wanke will show you how to pave the way to agile and autonomous teams that can deliver top performance.

These skills acquired through Innoaction Business Coaching will have a direct positive effect on your customers and your business. Both you and your business may benefit from these services and create value beyond expectations:

Executive Coaching

growing beyond your own limits

Team Building

Team Building

building commitment for shared goals.

Change Management

co-creating value through productive dialogue

Leadership Communication

achieving effects, inside and out

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